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WHERE can I get the best charity car donation tax deduction in Yorba Linda?

When you make a vehicle donation in Yorba Linda through Cars2Charities, you're not only quickly removing what may be an old “clunker" from your garage, storage  or dock: you can also make a real difference in the lives of families who live and work right in your own neighborhood. You may also feel some of the joy and the life-changing magic of tidying up!

Our charity car donation program enables you to choose from many Yorba Linda-focused non-profits, so the benefit of your donation stays where it belongs -- helping those right here in the land of gracious living. Whether you choose to help seniors, students, art programs or those struggling to lead a healthier, happier life ... you get the benefit of solving a headache of your own, and feeling good about the impact in your community.

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Did you know -- you can donate your car to your local church (for example Yorba Linda Friends, Crosspointe, St. Martin or Catholic Charities to name a few), or to your child's school or booster club such as at Esperanza High School or Yorba Linda High? Or choose any other local non-profit! Of course, if you prefer, we can arrange for you to donate a vehicle to a national charity, or even international such as Red Cross or World Vision. Some donors like to support charities that are broader in scope -- so if you're among them, you can gain great insights from a resource like Charity Navigator's "Top 10" lists.

 Another way to go is to give us broad guidelines such as "Donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army or public radio." You can support patients in breast cancer treatment or any other area of medical research or healthcare. Of course, if you want to keep it super-simple, you can do what 1 in 4 donors do: just say "Cars2Charities, pick a charity for me."

Donating a car is a surprisingly simple process. All you do is call us at 855-520-2100 or click the "Get Started" button. When you call, we gather the key facts in as little as 3-5 minutes. If you prefer, our online form is very simple too: just the basics. In any event, as our next step is to make arrangements to pick up your vehicle: whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. Our expert towing driver makes it quick and easy, even if your vehicle has not run for a while. So whether you want to donate a golf cart, RV, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat -- or even commercial equipment -- we can make special accommodations that suit your specific needs. 

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HOW do I donate my car in Yorba Linda?

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Towing is free for donors; the charity you choose covers the cost, and also reimburses us for costs that improve how your donated vehicle looks and runs. This investment on our part is a double-win, because it almost always results in a substantially higher sale price for car donations in Yorba Linda. So, no matter what type of vehicle is currently taking up space in your garage or yard, we can get it off your hands and re-purpose it for a cause YOU are passionate about. You pick the charity. Or if you prefer, you can designate us to choose on your behalf -- a choice that a surprising number of donors opt for.

 WHAT happens when I donate a car to charity in Yorba Linda?

First, we carefully evaluate what improvements we can make to your vehicle, to attract the best buyers and get the maximum sale price for you and for the non-profit you choose. That's because the IRS guidelines for vehicle donation tax deduction allow you to deduct the FULL sale price of your vehicle ... including the value-adding enhancements we make, and the benefit from our marketing efforts on your behalf.

We typically add an average of 25-50% in value to the ultimate sale-price of most donated vehicles. For example, let's say a donor gives a vehicle that might be valued at $2,000 in its "as is" condition by a dealership or at auction. But WE have a different plan. Instead of settling for "as is", we give it a cost-effective upgrade, and work hard to find a buyer in our network who will find good value in the type of vehicle that was donated. 

With our our reputation for quality and reliability, we are able to sell more than 80% of vehicles at retail prices: we rarely scrap and almost never auction. This further adds to the our knack for getting donors the best tax deduction after almost every car donation.

Within 30 days of finding a good buyer, we issue you an IRS Form 1098-C, showing the exact amount the buyer paid. Your charity receives a copy of the same, so there is always 100% transparency.  

If you're ready, you can donate now. american 1239040 640

Here's how this played out for a recent donor. Cindy B. called us about her 2005 Chevy Equinox which was at the repair shop; the mechanic quoted a $4,000 price and the second opinion was similar.  The value of her car at that point was $2,600, so she and her husband Greg decided it was time for a new family car. We picked up the car at the mechanic and were able to repair it at a much lower price than a typical auto repair shop. The car sold for $5,000. The Utah buyer is thrilled about finding such a nice-looking, well-running vehicle, and left a rave review online about his experience. Cindy and Greg got a $5,000 tax deduction -- while avoiding $4,000 in repair costs! They chose a charity that supports leukemia research -- which has great personal meaning for them, since Greg is in remission.

Parents and grandparents may find another side benefit to donating a car in Yorba Linda: using the proceeds to support the non-profit activities of their children's school. Compared to selling cookies and wrapping paper, or car-wash fundraisers and cow-chip bingo, donating a vehicle to raise funds for the organizations you love to support is a breeze.

The Car Donation process is very simple.

 You don't have to worry about paperwork or transferring your title: We handle all of that for you and the non-profit you choose. Even if you can't find your title, as is sometimes the case when someone is donating a car to charity as the executor of the estate, or when a loved one is going into an assisted living facility, you can relax and let us do the work.

Accountants, tax consultants and estate planners agree that vehicle donation makes sense for many people, and encourage clients to maximize the value of deductions. (Of course, it's always wise to check with your own advisor about your personal situation if you have any questions.)

 And since the process is easy, it enhances the great feeling you get donating your car to charity. Your generosity makes a world of difference. There's no better feeling than helping others -- and your giving will do just that for whichever non-profit you select.

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