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Charities That Accept Car Donations

There are many charities that accept car donations. In fact, just about every major charity accepts donated vehicles, and some charities actually specialize in nothing but car donations. However, most of these charities have one thing in common: they auction the vehicles received for a quick turnaround regardless of the fact that this practice significantly donate-photo reduces the contribution’s value. At Cars2Charities, we take a different approach.

We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to getting value from donated vehicles. Our process is not as simple as others, which means it takes more time and effort. However, we feel that it is definitely worth the extra work because of our good track record in getting more profit from donated vehicles than other organizations manage through auctioning.

When you contact Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 you will see our quick and easy donation process. It is very simple: you arrange a pickup time for your used car, boat, RV, motorcycle, truck, van, tractor or other vehicle and we come and get it. You will also be asked to designate a charity from either our extensive list or from your own suggestion. If you have a youth group, church organization or other local or private charity that you wish to benefit, we can usually arrange to do so.

Once we have picked up the car we begin the evaluation process. We determine if the car needs minor repairs and if making those repairs would increase value. If so, we handle that job then put your car up for sale through our marketing channels. We take care of all fees and other costs associated with this marketing so that you have no expenses. We search for the perfect buyer who will be willing to pay a good price to have a nice used vehicle. Once we find the buyer and close the transaction, we send you a receipt for the sale that allows you to deduct the full sale price from your taxes. In many cases, this sales price is more than the fair market value of the vehicle, increasing your deduction amount.

Cars2Charities has a very different outlook on vehicle donations than other agencies that require you to pay towing or sales expenses or do not allow you to choose your own charitable organization for donations. At Cars2Charities, we never forget that you as the donor should be in control and involved in the donation process.