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Car Donation in Arlington, Texas

bRleg8 pYou’re moving up in your career and it’s time to replace your car. You can donate a car in Arlington and send your old car on its way – fast and easy. You also get to choose a charity to benefit and collect a tax break yourself.

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Why donate your car in Arlington instead of selling it?

The day you decide your car or truck just doesn’t cut it anymore is a pretty exciting day. You start surfing deals online and researching favorite makes and models.

That’s the fun part. Getting rid of your old car is sort of a pain – especially if you don’t want to lose money by doing a dealer trade-in or CarMax transaction.

You already know that you only receive about 30-40% of the value of your car when you trade it in. But some USC researchers doubled down on that when they came out with a study showing that customers with a trade-in lose even more. Dealers have a tendency to hike up the price of the new car, because they assume you don’t care much about the bottom line.

If you’re a practical person you probably aren’t excited about selling it yourself either. The time it takes to thoroughly clean your car, then take pictures and post it online adds up – you can make more money by working, rather than spend time doing that.

That’s the beauty of a vehicle donation in Arlington through Cars2Charities. We’ve got the time – and 30 years of expertise – to handle it for you.

Are you on the fence about buying something new to drive?

First of all, if you’re tired of arranging rides from the auto repair shop to UTA or wherever you work, that’s a pretty good reason to replace your car (but makes it more difficult to sell).

A lot of people are changing vehicles because they want to get better gas mileage (ditching the F-250 for a car or smaller pickup). Axle Geeks ranked companies turning out the most fuel-efficient cars and #1 was Tesla. But if you can’t afford a Tesla, maybe you can get into a Fiat or a Mazda, which they ranked right behind a Smart Car.

You can try something new and invest in a hybrid or EV this time around. There are charging stations everywhere. Whatever you choose, don’t forget the good you can do when you make a car or truck donation in Arlington.

How can I get a car donation tax deduction in Arlington, Texas?

Because you watch your money and want to choose wisely, you care about timing and who you work with in a transaction. Well, here are some things to consider.

If you’re thinking, “I’ll just run my car into the ground,” you may be surprised to hear that it isn’t always the most economical decision. The site Edmunds.com has an article about how to know the point when your car is costing too much in repairs and you’re better off replacing it.

Does your CPA hound you all year about finding tax write-offs? Many of them do! A car charity donation in Arlington through Cars2Charities will put a grin on both your faces – and you can git ‘er done any time of the year.

If you do your own taxes on Turbo Tax and you donate a car to charity, they can lead you through the steps in the filing process.Qka4EV1B

When you donate a vehicle in Arlington through Cars2Charities there’s an additional tax advantage worth mentioning. Our unique process involves an inspection of donation cars to determine whether or not they would benefit from some improvements. Our research shows that these changes tend to maximize the sale price of donation vehicles by 25-50% (thus increasing your write-off).

What happens when I donate my car in Arlington, Texas?

We take care of the whole thing. If you dread the idea of a)dropping off your car somewhere b)spending hours and hours on it or c)standing in lines at the DMV for the title transfer, etc., then you’re going to like this.

When you call us at Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or donate online, our towing professional comes to wherever you are – at a convenient time for you – to pick up your donation vehicle. Like we mentioned, from there we bring it to our technician to have it checked out. 

It’s really that easy!

msNtYakfWe prepare it for sale, sell it, and complete the paperwork while you head to Six Flags or go car shopping.

With Cars2Charities you’re getting an experienced team with members who have been in the business for three decades, so you can kick back. Plus, you can trust that we follow all of the IRS guidelines, so you and the charity you choose get a copy of Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale!

One of the most rewarding aspects of a charity car donation in Arlington is you get to support a cause you care about. Were you a Girl Scout or want to add resources to the Boys & Girls Club? You can choose either of those to benefit from your donation. 

Do you want to benefit Gateway Church in Southlake? Or another place of worship? Any foundation or other 501(c)(3) can receive proceeds from a car, truck or SUV donation in Arlington.

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation in Arlington?

Do you own some wide, open space that gets cluttered with your car collection? It’s easy to rack up a lot of vehicles when you have property. Or if you’re spending money on a unit at CubeSmart you might consider cleaning it out.

You can make an RV donation in Arlington and turn your vehicle into support for a charity.

Did you learn to ride at Bedford in Farmers Branch and got hooked on the feeling of getting around Texas on a hog? If you or your club members are thinking of moving up to a bigger, better bike, make a motorcycle donation in Arlington through us at Cars2Charities.

Are you an active senior living at Viridian? 5 NmySD1Do you have your own E-Z-Go or Club Car? When the batteries die and you don’t want to go to the expense of replacing them, let us know. You can donate a golf cart in Arlington to benefit a cause.

Do you like to take your boat to one of the boat launch ramps at Bowman Springs Park? Or has it been a century since you went fishing? If your watercraft just sits in the garage or in storage, consider making a boat donation in Arlington.

If you live in Dalworthington Gardens and commute to Dallas or you have a truck you take on the “back 40,” there comes a time when you have to replace it and make some decisions. A car donation in Arlington is the easiest way to say goodbye to the vehicle you don’t need – it’s low hassle and has a reward for you and a charity that needs funding.

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