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Car Donation in Dallas, Texas

So, your job’s going pretty well and you could use a new pickup. Did you know you can make a car donation in Dallas with practically any vehicle? Whether your family’s growing or it’s time to downsize, Dallas4you have a car you no longer need. Why not donate to a favorite charity and take advantage of the tax break!

Why donate your car in Dallas instead of selling it?

If you love the latest sports car models so you like to upgrade pretty often, getting into the habit of donating a car in Dallas can add a little sugar to the rush you get when you buy a new set of wheels.

Or you may be more practical and are simply tired of spending half your day arranging rides from Love Field Auto Repair because your car’s constantly in the shop. Either way, you can help others and yourself with a charity car donation in Dallas through Cars2Charities.

Do you typically just call Park Place Porsche so you can show up and do a trade-in? You aren’t getting the most bang for your buck that way! 

USC researchers found that your dealer, who may be honest as they come, is psychologically prone to jacking up the price of your new car when he/she sees you have a trade-in. I know it sounds odd, but it’s true.

So, not only are you getting less value with a dealer or with CarMax, you lose the opportunity to benefit a non-profit – any 501(c)(3) you want to.

Are you a member of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce? A vehicle donation in Dallas can go toward scholarships and other ways the organization benefits your community.

How can I get a car donation tax deduction in Dallas?

You’re careful with your money and always want to choose wisely. Well, here are some things to consider.

If you’re thinking, “Maybe I’ll just run my car into the ground,” that might not be your most profitable decision. Sometimes it’s actually a benefit to your bottom line to shop for another car. The site Edmunds.com has an article about determining that point when your car is costing too much in repairs and you may as well get something new.

Does your CPA love it when you come up with new tax write-offs? Most of them do! A car charity Dallas3donation in Dallas through Cars2Charities is a chance to put smiles on both your faces.

If you do your own taxes on Turbo Tax and you donate a car to charity, they walk you right through the filing process.

When you donate a vehicle in Dallas through Cars2Charities you’re getting one more tax advantage worth mentioning. We inspect donation cars to determine whether or not they would benefit from some improvements, which tends to maximize their sale price (and your write-off). We’ve researched it and found that with our changes, donation vehicles tend to sell for 25-50% more than those without them.

What are donors saying?

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What happens when I donate my car in Dallas?

You get curb service from us, whether you’re just buying a better car to get some of the newest bells Dallas2and whistles or if you’re getting to know your mechanic WAY too well.

When you call us at Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or donate online, one of our associates comes to wherever you are to tow away your donation vehicle. Like we mentioned, from there we take it to our expert technicians to have it checked out. 

This is where you won’t believe how easy you have it. You do nothing and we do everything!

Seriously, we prepare it for sale, sell it, and even complete all the paperwork, the title transfer included. With Cars2Charities you have a family-owned, experienced team that you can trust. We follow all of the IRS guidelines, so you and the charity you choose get a copy of Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale! 

If you live in Plano, or you’re a resident of Highland Park, it’s all the same. A car or truck donation in Dallas is the easiest way to say goodbye to the vehicle you don’t need and get on to the fun part – shopping for something newer.

Have your kids gone to college and now they’re bugging you to reduce your carbon footprint? Well, there are some nice looking hybrids out there. (Think of the money you’ll save.)

And you can benefit the planet or something else you believe in. Want to donate a car to your church?
Through Cars2Charities you’ve got the power to support children, animals, a medical cause – you name it.

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation in Dallas?

When your property’s crowded with “toys,” you have to find the time to clean it up periodically. Or is your money going down the drain with a unit at CubeSmart that you don’t really need?

A Pace Arrow or a little trailer, you can make an RV donation in Dallas and turn your vehicle into support for charity.

Or if you and your friends spend a lot of time at Strokers Ice House, you – or someone you know – are likely to have a bike you don’t need. Make a motorcycle donation in Dallas through us at Cars2Charities and we’ll direct proceeds to a favorite cause.

Do you live up at Gleneagles and have your own E-Z-Go but want to get the new Cadillac Escalade model? If so, consider a golf cart donation in Dallas.

Are you a member of the White Rock Boat Club? If your boat is sitting in a slip without much action, maybe it’s time to let it go. Let us know and we can process your boat donation in Dallas.Dallas1

If you’d rather be on the links, the lake, or just relaxing at home, let us help you move the vehicle you don’t need to another owner. When you donate a car in Dallas through Cars2Charities it enables everyone to win – you and your favorite charity, as well as an individual looking for modest transportation. It’s a very easy process!

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