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Car Donation in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Your car or truck takes you great distances and endures rain, sun, and snowfall. These elements wear on your car’s life span and updates are necessary, but when is it time to update your old car to a new one? And then, what do you do with your old car when you no longer need it? A car donation in Grand Rapids, Michigan let’s you to enjoy your nice, new vehicle without worrying about what to do with your old car. Donating a car also supports your favorite cause – plus you get a tax write-off!

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Why should I donate my car in Grand Rapids?

Your trips downtown or to neighboring towns like Detroit, probably put a lot of miles on your vehicle. And you most likely wondering to yourself, “How much longer can my car take these drives, especially in the winter months?”

If Community Automotive Repair is seeing a lot of your Honda or Toyota lately, it may be time to start looking at new cars. Whether you’re having issues with your old car or you needing something bigger for a growing family, don’t forget: Your old car can meet a nonprofit’s needs and while giving you a tax break! A vehicle donation in Grand Rapids, Mi through Cars2Charities just might be the way to go.Broken Down CarNot sure which charity to choose? The proceeds of the car you don’t need can benefit any 501(c)(3) you choose.

Do you love the great outdoors? You can support a land conservation fund or a national park foundation. Make sure you take the opportunity to move your car along to a worthy cause. Through Car2Charities your car donation can go to anything from a children’s charity to an animal rescue.

When you make an auto donation in Grand Rapids through Cars2Charities you make the next owner of your car grateful, while making your tax accounts happy.

If you’ve been looking around at Toyota of Grand Rapids or looking into to CarMax, you may be thinking of trading in what you’re currently driving. We don’t recommend that. Dealers typically pocket 60-70% of the value of your vehicle. By contrast, a car charity donation in Grand Rapids enables you to write off 100% of the sale price of your car.

Believe it or not, there’s actually research that shows the validity of those findings. There have been more than one study finding that dealers actually raise the price of the new car when they find out you have a trade-in! They assume you’ll pay what they ask because most people find a favorite car and will pay asking price for it. The problem is this causes you to lose value when you trade in a car.

Still deciding if car donations are for you? Well hear from some of our other donors. You can read their reviews here.

How can I donate a vehicle in Grand Rapids, MI?

With Cars2Charities, donating your unwanted vehicle is easier than ever. Our Vehicle Donation Coordinators are available to walk you through the donation process step by step.

All you need is about five minutes and a phone call to us at 855-520-2100 – or donate online – by filling out the donation form on our website. The pickup appointment is only 10 niutes, so a total of 15 minutes and you’re home free.

What happens during the pick up? One of our outsourced tow truck drivers will pick up your donation car at a time that’s convenient for you and we begin preparing it for sale. We also take the title and the keys at that time. If you’ve ever put a listing on AutoTrader or Craigslist, you know what a service this is! We’ve been in this industry for more than three decades, so we’re ready for the work involved. woman sitting on floor with computer

The final step is deciding which charity will benefit from the contribution! If you need ideas, turn to our Causes page and choose from many categories. Let us know if you have a 501(c)(3) you’d like to benefit. We love forging new partnerships.

If you work at a local university, you could send money to the foundation or alumni association. We also let you choose a local humane society if that’s more your speed. Or if you’ve had a loved one battle disease, such as cancer, you can donate your car to a medical nonprofit through Cars2Charities.

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Grand Rapids, MI?

You’re thorough when it comes to financial decisions, as well you should be. Your taxes are an important consideration when it comes to your future.

In addition to the postives all vehicle owners get when they donate a car to charity, Cars2Charities offers additional incentives. Because of our unique process, we try to maximize your donation, which improves your tax write-off. And we offer a free car donation vacation voucher!

After our local driver tows away your car, we assume liability for your vehicle donation, the see if it would benefit from any improvements, which in many cases, tends to raise the selling price by about 25-50% . Not all vehicles will need improvements, and in all honesty some cars may not qualify, but we do everything in our power to get you a higher car donation tax deduction.tax calculator

By working with Cars2Charities you have access to our easy car donations process, all according to IRS guidelines. We take care of the towing, the sale of your donation car, and all the paperwork. We send you and your favorite charity the requisite Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your car.

We also have multiple videos you can check out that may answer any questions you have.

Can I make an RV donation in Grand Rapids, MI? A motorcycle or a boat?

You bet! We can accept recreational vehicle donations of all kinds. Please know that we must qualify these donations and cannot accept everything. But even if we can’t take your RV, we can help you find a place that will.

Has it been some time since you took your rig to Steamboat Park to enjoy the outdoors? You can donate an RV in Grand Rapids, MI through Cars2Charities and treat yourself to a new RV.

But if you’re more used to traveling on the back of a bike, it may be time to invest in a new motorcycle. When you turn in your Honda, remember you can donate a motorcycle in Grand Rapids.Dog and Child

Are you and avid golfer? The worst is when your golf cart batteries die and you don’t know where to replace them. They can also get expensive. We can pick up your golf cart donation in Grand Rapids whenever you need it.

There are so many ways you can help yourself while supportive a lovely cause – from veterans to school programs. We’d be honored to be a part of your car donation process. Call us at Cars2Charities to donate a car in Grand Rapids, MI. We’re pleased to help.

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