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Car Donation in Hartford, Connecticut

If you’ve spent a career at the wheel, it may be time to donate a car in Hartford, Connecticut to turn the value of your vehicle into support for a charity. After decades doing outside sales for Aetna or Otis, the odometer eventually gets into the 6-figure range. If you need your car to function as a mobile office there are great new features that can motivate you to upgrade. A vehicle donation in Hartford means you can get those while you also benefit charity.

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Why should I donate my car in Hartford?

Spending more time at the mechanic is a big enough threat to make you consider buying a car. And if you’re shelling out money for a rental every other month, it’s costing you. In fact, an article on Edmunds.com says that there’s a tipping point where you may as well be spending that money on a car payment!

At this point you have to decide what to do with your old car. There’s nothing simpler than calling Cars2Charities to pick up your car, truck or SUV donation in Hartford. And imagine the people you can help.

Do you volunteer for a nonprofit? If you’re a member of your sorority’s alum group or you volunteer with United Way, it’s an opportunity to send money to further the generous work they’re doing.

Were you planning to do a dealer trade-in? We can tell you why it’s not the best idea. They keep too much of your money … typically about 60-70% of its value. Some students at USC did research that shows an additional downside. When you bring in a trade-in, most dealers just assume that “money’s no object” for you and they charge you more for the new one!

Are you concerned about the environment? If so, you’re probably looking at a car with better fuel economy. Not only do you save money on gas, it reduces climate change and contributes to sustainability.

You can find a hybrid from nearly every vehicle manufacturer today, or you can buy a completely electric car. Another option is to make a car charity donation in Hartford and just take Uber or Lyft everywhere you go.

By donating a car to charity through us at Cars2Charities, you’re maximizing the value you get from the car you no longer need. Here’s how it works:

Just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and we come to you, so it’s incredibly easy. We take charge of the whole process, from beginning to end. hartford4After we tow away your donation car we assess it for necessary alterations, which is where you get the boost. We’ve found that the cars receiving changes tend to sell for 25-50% more than those without any alterations.

What is the best charity for car donations in Hartford?

The great thing about a car or truck donation in Hartford through Cars2Charities is that you not only get a tax deduction, you also support a cause you care about. You may choose any 501(c)(3) to benefit from your vehicle donation. If you aren’t sure who to pick, just click on our “Causes” tab to see the list of many we work with already.

Do you want to feed hungry kids? You can send money to Hartford Food Systems. Do you want to support the civil rights of females and minorities? Proceeds from your charity car donation can go to Connecticut Women’s Educational and Legal Fund

Maybe you want to send support into the city. You could benefit the well-known New York City Boys & Girls Club if you’d like.

There are so many medical causes you could support with a charity car donation in Hartford. If you’ve battled disease or have someone in your life who has a serious condition, this is your opportunity to play a part in the healing process. Would you like to make a car donation to the American Cancer Society or the Alzheimer’s Association?

Can I donate a boat in Hartford, Connecticut? A motorcycle or golf cart?

Of course you can! You get the same benefits from a boat donation in Hartford as you do with a car or other recreational vehicle donation. We take fifth wheels, trailers, campers – nearly any RV donation in Hartford.

If you’ve had vehicles in a unit at Life Storage for even one year, you could be spending money needlessly. Whether you’re a sports car collector or have a bunch of bikes, you can turn their value into cash for a cause. Call us to pick up your quads or donate a motorcycle in Hartford – we handle the donation process and you get the tax break!hartford2

Do you live in an over-55 community, where everybody gets around in their Club Cars? A golf cart donation in Hartford is an especially good idea if yours has dead batteries. They’re expensive to replace.

What’s the best car donation tax deduction in Hartford?

You’re someone who values wise financial decisions, but you also know there are needs in the city. The good news is you can take care of some of those needs while pleasing your CPA with another tax write-off in your portfolio.

Through the Cars2Charities vehicle donation program you gain a tax advantage that you don’t get form other car donation companies in Hartford. Our unique process maximizes your donation by garnering top dollar for your car. We do more than just come and tow away your charity car donation in Hartford. Our repair staff completes an inspection to determine which improvements are most likely to increase the sale price of your car. We’ve found that it typically adds 25%-50% more value to each donation car after the improvements.

Need some feedback? Read some of our donors’ stories to see how satisfied they’ve been with Cars2Charities.

You can have full confidence that we follow IRS guidelines for your tax deduction. Both you and the charity you choose receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, providing total transparency; both you and the charity receive paperwork indicating the final sale price of your car.hartford3

Do you want to know more about your tax deduction or the money going to your favorite non-profit? We have several videos to answer your questions. 

When it’s time to make some changes, keep us in mind. We can transfer the value of your vehicle into support for a nonprofit when you make a car donation in Hartford to benefit others.

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