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Best Car Donation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Car donation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Are you a supporter of Philadelphia’s efforts to become “the greenest city in America”? If you think it’s time to downsize, make a car donation in Philadelphia through Cars2Charities. We take care of the entire car donation process and get you the paperwork you need for your tax break.

Why should I donate my car in Philadelphia?

One of the best ways to go green is to give up your car altogether and use public transportation to get to work!

And if you’re spending more time at the mechanic than you are at home, chances are it’s time you moved it along. If you’re using the Dave Ramsey budgeting system, you can see that “doing the math” often tells you it’s wisest to get rid of the older vehicle. Equally wise is to take the opportunity to make a charity car donation in Philadelphia.philadelphia 300330 640

You want to reap as much value from your vehicle as possible, which is why you definitely want to avoid doing a dealer trade-in or calling CarMax. They only quote you 30-40% of your car’s actual value. But a car charity donation in Philadelphia through Cars2Charities enables 100% of its value to benefit your taxes.

If you like to support others who have needs, here’s your chance. You can choose to benefit any non-profit you’d like. We’ve been in the car donation business for three decades and seen hundreds of thousands of dollars go to the good work of thousands of charities. Your car, truck or SUV donation in Philadelphia will be a blessing to someone who needs it.

If you want to hear from some of our donors, visit our page with testimonials

How do I donate a vehicle in Philadelphia?

Perhaps you’ve been hoping to try some of the features they’ve added to the latest cars – like climate-controlled interiors and anti-collision laser fog lamps. But you also want the job of finding a new home for your old car to be easy.

It is!

In just a five-minute phone call to 855-520-2100, or simply donating online, you’re done. Seriously! Now you can get back to work at UPenn or a workplace at the Liberty Center. Or better yet, see what’s new at Northeast Car Connection

Donating a car in Philadelphia doesn’t get any easier than our process at Cars2CharitiesCars2Charities Tow Truck

Imagine the hard work involved in listing it yourself. Sure, it sounds good at first ... until you’re scrubbing your car inside and out. Then taking A LOT of pictures. And then you have to decide when and where you’re going to put it up for sale!

Let us take care of it for you. We pick it up from you, usually within 24-48 hours, and handle the whole sale of your donation car.

You don’t even have the red tape at the DMV to deal with!

What are donors saying?

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Philadelphia?

The only thing better than getting a tax break when you donate a car to charity is finding a way to make sure it’s a significant one.

The process we use for car donations in Philadelphia tend to get you a bigger tax break than a lot of other car donation programs. After picking up your vehicle, we bring it to our technicians who check to see if it would benefit from alterations. The sale price typically goes up 25-50%, and since your write-off is based on the sale price of the car, it goes up too!

An auto donation in Philadelphia through Cars2Charities means no last minute decisions about tax deductions while you’re sitting at the computer doing TurboTax.accounting alone application 938965

And in this important age of legal obligations, you’ll be pleased to know that we follow all of the guidelines dictated by the IRS  when you donate a car to charity in Philadelphia. After we oversee the sale of your vehicle, we report the exact sale price – to you and the charity you choose, so the transaction is completely transparent. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

Would you like to learn more about our process? We have videos that talk about your tax benefits and answer your questions.

Can I make a motorcycle donation in Philadelphia? A golf cart or a boat?

Were you at the Philly Fallen Heroes Ride? If you spend most of your weekends on your Harley, you may be racking up a lot of miles by now! When it’s time for something new, let us know. You can donate a motorcycle in Philadelphia through Cars2Charities.

If you’ve made a lifetime of memories in your teardrop trailer or motorhome, but that part of your life is behind you, consider an RV donation in Philadelphia. You can still take the grandkids to Gettysburg National Park – there are great places to stay!

Do you have a storage unit filled with Sea-Doos and jet skis? If you rarely take the boat out anymore, you may be spending money needlessly by hanging onto all of them. Donate a boat in Philadelphia to parlay its value into supporting a great cause. 

Do you have a house at Downingtown and love riding your Hummer cart? Even small vehicles can become vessels of goodness when you donate a golf cart in Philadelphia.golf cart 1669772 640

You want to be financially wise, but also help your fellow man and woman. The vehicle you no longer need can become a method for providing comfort for others, not to mention a way for someone of modest means to get to work. At Cars2Charities we walk you through every step of the way, so you can be confident of the outcome.

When you donate a car in Philadelphia to the non-profit of your choice, you get an easy solution to sending your car on its way, while improving your tax situation.

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