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Car donation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Are you the executor of a loved one’s estate and searching for some tax write-offs? Or does your own CPA recommend you give to a nonprofit for a tax break? You can donate a car in Pittsburgh and have a 2-fold benefit: a tax break and a benefit for R Hluo6Jsomeone needing resources.

How do I donate my car in Pittsburgh?

There are many good reasons to donate a vehicle in Pittsburgh through Cars2Charities. One is that it’s majorly easy.

When you need a way to get rid of wheels you don’t need, you can just pull out your phone and you’re halfway there. Just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and we get to work.

First, we come and pick up your car – at a time and place that’s convenient for you. All you need to do is choose which non-profit you’d like to benefit with proceeds from the sale. We prepare your donation car, find a buyer, and we even handle all the paperwork, including the title transfer with the DMV!

A lot of things in life are unpredictable, and there’s nothing so scary as a car you can’t depend on to get your kids to music lessons or get you to work. When you go to the North Side it’s to go the ball game, not stall ous wheret in a less-than-perfect neighborhood.x0rCJIWz

So, when you decide it’s time you upgraded your car, you also need to know you can donate your car in Pittsburgh with a company you trust. That’ we come in, because at Cars2Charities we complete the process and keep you informed all the way.

What’s your part? You simply choose a nonprofit to receive proceeds.

If you’re spending all kinds of time dropping your car at the auto repair place and picking up rentals, you could be losing money by missing work. A charity car donation in Pittsburgh solves the problem of lost time, and because our process is fast and free, it’s a lot less effort than you’re enduring now!

Where can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Pittsburgh?

Speaking of money (and time), we all have to deal with taxes every year. And whether you have a cracker jack CPA or sit at the computer and do Turbo Tax, you need write-offs.

Have you dropped everything off at Cotton Mather or Stevans & Associates, only to find that you haven’t made enough contributions for the year?

With a charity car donation in Pittsburgh there’s no last-minute jostling or stressing about whether you’ve got a big enough boost to your bottom line. One of the best things about donating a car in Pittsburgh through Cars2Charities is our process. Because our technicians inspect donation cars to make necessary changes to them before selling them, we often increase the sale price by 25-50%. Of course, that raises your donation and boosts your tax credit.

Are you moving this year? Then you probably want to gain the maximum value from your car rather than bring it to your new home.

What about a dealer trade-in or CarMax? Though those routes are easy, be aware that you typically only get 30%-40% of the value from your car donation. But when you do a car, truck or SUV donation in Pittsburgh, you get to write off 100% of the sale price of the car.

Research at USC’s Marshall School of Business found that customers with trade-ins get the shaft from car dealers. Their tendency is to charge you more for the new car you buy if you trade in your old one. It’s because dealers automatically conclude that if you have a trade-in, you’re less concerned about the cost, so they hold out for a higher price! 


As for the calculations for your records, we follow all the guidelines dictated by the IRS when you donate a car to charity. We sell the car and report the exact sale price – both to you and to the charity you choose, so the transaction is transparent. You both receive IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale.

What are donors saying?

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Can I donate a motorcycle in Pittsburgh? An RV or a boat?

Yes – we pick up recreational vehicles of many kinds. If you like to hear the roar of an engine as you bike around the Keystone State, you’re like thousands of others. When your Yamaha needs an upgrade, make a motorcycle donation in Pittsburgh through Cars2Charities.

Are you a scouting family who left the tent camping phase for glamping? It’s a great time for bonding when you sightsee from high up in your fifth wheel. When you slow down, perhaps when the kids get too involved in school, you can donate an RV in Pittsburgh and help someone or a favorite cause.lcF 4VhX

According to TripSavvy, Pittsburgh has the second-largest number of registered pleasure boats in the country. And 66,000 of them are in Allegheny County. If you’ve spent a lifetime trolling for walleye, smallmouth and largemouth bass, but you’re growing tired or just want a new hobby, donate a boat in Pittsburgh. You can save on slip fees or just clean out your garage.

Pennsylvania laws have been favoring wider use of your golf cart – even letting it on the roads. If you want to upgrade yours, or if you’re moving into a 55+ community and want a bigger, nicer Club Car, donate a golf cart in Pittsburgh and benefit your favorite charity.

What’s the best choice of a car charity donation in Pittsburgh?

Our vehicle donation program in Pittsburgh makes it easy for you to move on and slip into the seats of your new vehicle sooner, rather than later. And it’s frosting on the cake to know you’re reaching out to a charity at the same time.

Is there a cause you care about?

Maybe you have a heart for children. Or if you spent time at the Boys and Girls Club as a child, you may be ready to give back.

Are you a veteran? You can make a car donation to veterans through a nonprofit such as Heroes in the Rough

The Pittsburgh Foundation is a kind of catch-all nonprofit. They connect donors with charities in need of funding, and it all stays in the city. 

Did you stand by, feeling powerless after the shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue? You can donate a car to Tree of Life and let the value of your vehicle work to comfort the innocent victims. 

You may not be aware of something else you’re doing that’s good for your fellow man or woman. By you donating a car in Pittsburgh, you enable someone with modest means to have an affordable car, which they may need to get to work.

XoevInjsIt may be that your car is languishing at the service department of the BMW dealer in South Hills or just making funny noises. Or perhaps you need some nicer wheels to impress clients. Whatever the reason, just call us and we’ll do a quick pick-up and handle everything for you. With a car donation in Pittsburgh through Cars2Charities, all you do is decide on the cause you’d like to support and turn over the paperwork to your CPA at tax time!

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