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delivery van donation fastAre you ready to donate a van to charity? Maybe your commercial van needs an upgrade or you no longer have a need for your passenger van or handicap van. When you donate your van for charity, you get to take advantage of some great tax benefits while supporting whichever charity you choose. We put love into our vehicles to make sure your favorite non-profit gets the best possible check, and you get a sweet tax deduction for the current year. 

Why Donate Your Handicap Van?

Families with special needs often find giving away an older van is truly fulfilling – especially since we are usually able to find a like-minded buyer who can appreciate the remaining life of your specially equipped wheelchair van donation. If your handicap van is no longer needed, it can be gratifying to know that someone else will get use out of it when you donate your van to veterans or to any other great cause. Dean’s family, for example, recently purchased a new custom van to accommodate his adult wheelchair. Dean’s mom, Martha remembers the family’s struggle in Dean’s younger years to adapt to his special needs. Meanwhile technology and research has come a long way to help their family. Martha wanted to be sure that the charity that helped her family got a great check, but she also wanted her handicap van donation to go to a family that would get great use out of it. “It was so important to us to know that someone would find our older van a blessing. So many people helped us in our early years – our hearts go out to people in our situation and we are so pleased we can pay it forward. The fact that our van was improved and got a great sale price was just a bonus.”

Why Donate a Minivan?

mini van donation

Okay, the minivan was great when the kids were smaller, but maybe it’s finally time to scale down (or upgrade to a new family SUV!) There are so many more options for more fuel-efficient vehicles since you bought that Toyota Sienna ten years ago. Your 16-year old will thank you for not having to learn how to parallel park a minivan. So whether you have a front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive version, we know how to get the most value for everyone: you as the donor, the non-profit you select, and even the buyer once we have evaluated and perhaps created a new lease on life for the typical minivan donation.

Why Donate a Church Van?

If your church van is at the end of its life cycle, we spruce it up and resell it on behalf of whichever charity you choose. Our technicians evaluate all donated vans, trucks and SUVs to see how what investment would add the greatest value – and we usually are able to get 25%-50% more for church van donations than their “as is” value. So if you think your church or commuter van couldn’t possibly be of use to anyone else, think again. Many organizations as well as individuals are looking for a passenger van or a cargo van, or even a refrigerated / reefer van that can be modified for their needs. Your gift may have greater value in the gifted hands of those who can improve it and add value.

Why Donate a Commercial Van?

There are so many commercial vans in use, by both small companies and large businesses. Perhaps you’re ready to replace your van, or upgrade to a more fuel-efficient or greener version. Maybe you’re getting a good deal upgrading part of your company fleet: some companies choose to donate vans as soon as they are fully depreciated, because they are investing in better driver technology, route-guiding efficiency, are committed to reducing their carbon footprint or they need to meet other vehicle standards in their industry. 

What Are Previous Donors Saying?

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step van donationBenefits of Donating a Van to Charity

There are some amazing charities that would be delighted to receive your gift. All the net proceeds that go to charity help fund their effective and often life-changing programs. Because we eliminate the middleman and sell the van directly, typically to a retail buyer, the charity gets a larger part of the proceeds. (Charities reimburse us for the cost of towing, repairs and a standard service fee.) So if you’re asking yourself, “Should I be donating my van?” you’re no doubt wanting to help a great charity – and they will sure be grateful. Meanwhile, here are some nice perks in addition to those feel-good, warm fuzzies for you:

Enjoy your Van Donation Tax Deduction. As an experienced vehicle donation program, we make sure you have the paperwork you need for your tax deduction. Check out the IRS guidelines as a reference. “Donating my van was a great decision,” recalls Marjorie C. “It was not only a great service experience in terms of the quality of the towing driver and the whole process of avoiding DMV issues – but it made a real difference last year when tax time rolled around.” In fact, many CPAs recommend it as a smart financial move for their clients.

The Best Van Donation Program Adds Value. When you choose to donate a van for charity you want to be sure that you are getting the best value for your charity and for your tax return. Adding value to your van is what sets us apart from other vehicle donation programs. While most vehicle donation programs sell their van to a middleman, we make sure the van is fixed up and sells for the best price. As a result you can deduct the final sale price off your taxable income. Everyone wins!

How Do I Donate Vans?

1. Call 855-520-2100 to Schedule Free Towing. It takes less than five minutes to provide some key facts to one of our experts by phone. Or simply complete the “donate online” form. We’ll listen to your needs and what would be most convenient for you, and then schedule FREE towing. We handle all the paperwork in California with the DMV on your behalf, even if you are unable to locate your title or your registration has lapsed. van donation

2. YOU Choose the Charity. While we handle the paperwork and fix up your van, or truck you can decide on a great charity. We work with many great nonprofits. Van donations support charities like Animal Friends Rescue, Breast Cancer Solutions, Habitat for Humanity – or any of the other great charities we work with. If you cannot decide on a charity, no problem! One out of four donors prefer we choose the charity – or that we reach out to one that you designate. Within 30 days after your vehicle is sold, we send you IRS Form 1098-C. The charity you pick gets a copy of the same – so there is always 100% transparency about the sale price – along with a nice check. How’s that for fast and easy?!

WHAT Are The Most Popular Van Donations?

Curious about what vans your friends and neighbors are donating? Here’s a list of our top 15 most popular van donation makes and models:

  1. Honda Odyssey
  2. Dodge Caravan, Dodge 350, Dodge 1500
  3. Toyota Sienna, Toyota Previa
  4. Nissan Quest
  5. Chrysler Town & Country
  6. Ford E150, Ford E350, Ford Freestar, Ford Windstar
  7. Chevrolet Astro Van, Chevrolet G20
  8. Oldsmobile Silhouette
  9. GMC Safari, GMC Savannah 2500 Cargo Van
  10. camper van donation esayPontiac Montana
  11. Plymouth Grand Voyager SE
  12. Mazda MPV
  13. Hyundai Entourage
  14. Toyota Previa
  15. Ford Transit Connect

So whether you want to donate a minivan, full-size passenger van, cargo van, step van, student van, institutional van, commuter or carpool van, conversion van, or even a refrigerated van – you’ve found the best program for van donations to non-profits. When you’re ready to give, we’re here to jump into action for you.

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