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COVID-19 can't stop us! Please call us to find out how we are safely handling car donations.

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Welcome, Alzheimer's Los Angeles!

The links, banners, and forms below are freely available to all of our partners.  Simply choose what you'd like to use on your website or email campaign, and the appropriate code will be generated.

1. Choose Banner or Content

These banners will link to a special donation page made for Alzheimer's Los Angeles

2. Choose Method of Delivery

3. Copy Code

Copy this code into your website where you want the banner or form to appear.

When a donor clicks the "Donate Any Vehicle" button, that will open a new page -- with your organization's name pre-filled -- where they will see reasons to donate, 3 simple steps in the donation process, and where they can actually submit a vehicle information. This sample page is a preview of another (sample) charity's page, just to illustrate: https://www.cars2charities.org/donation?donateto=219