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Where Can You Donate a Car to Charity?


Many people have unneeded vehicles they can donate, but they are unsure how to go about the process. They may also be afraid that they will have to pay taxes, fees or other costs that they may not be able to afford. On the other hand, paying for storage or insurance on an under-utilized vehicle may be economically challenging as well. This can lead to a “rock-and-a-hard-place” situation in which the potential donor is not sure what to do.


Cars2Charities helps solve this dilemma by taking care of all the costs anddonate-photo fees associated with making a car donation.  (The charity you choose will reimburse us for the cost of towing improvements, and handling.)  Once you call our toll-free number at 855-520-2100, your part of the job is done. We work with you to select a pickup time that works best for you, and we do all the heavy lifting -- even if the vehicle does not run.  We often work with auto repair shops, when a donor decides the cost of repairs is not worth the investment. You will never receive a bill for towing, storage or any other fees.


For example, we recently received a donation of a 2001 Ford F150 truck that did not run. Its value "as was": $800. We figured out the transmission issue, repaired it and sold it to a happy customer for $4,199. Imagine how pleased the donor was -- and of course his charity of choice, Make-a-Wish Foundation.

We evaluates  every vehicle, decide on appropriate repairs or improvements if warranted. We clean it up, and market it to those who can appreciate whatever remaining life your vehicle may yet have.  Our team works hard to get the very best price possible for your vehicle.   Your vehicle donation can be used to fund any non-profit group, such as your school’s PTA, a church organization, or a national charity.  We have a broad selection of charity partners, and you can also add your to our list. Simply give us the information about your choice, and we handle all the paperwork.

Cars2Charities is simply a different kind of vehicle donation program.  Check out our testimonials and videos, or call us with any questions you may have.