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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A car donation for breast cancer is an effective method for supporting awareness programs that benefit individuals battling the disease.

According to statistics, approximately 1 in 8 women will contract breast cancer in her lifetime, and nearly 2,550 men will develop invasive breast cancer, as well. There are numerous local, state and large-scale efforts to contribute to prevention and treatment options for cancer patients.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, known as NBCAM, was created to educate women about breast health and empower them to be assertive in regard to their self-care and treatment.

Former First Lady Betty Ford and her daughter, Susan, were present when the first week-long awareness event was kicked off in 1985. In 1993, President Clinton established “National Mammography Day” on the third Friday in October.

During NBCAM, volunteers distribute promotional materials, brochures, ads, and other educational aids. A car donation for breast cancer can offset costs for materials such as these and further the cause of awareness.

Since the 1970s, breast cancer awareness has changed dramatically. There were few women getting routine mammograms and the only non-surgical treatments were chemotherapy and radiation.

By the 1980s, 30% of women began getting mammograms. The 1990s brought less-invasive surgical techniques and researchers identified a genetic link to some breast cancers.

In the years after 2000, much headway has been made. Congress passed the EARLY Act, which requires women under 40 to get breast cancer education. And thanks to funding through such means as breast cancer car donations, research continues to advance. The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or 

bc4Medicine went to two scientists for life-changing discoveries in cancer therapy.

Proponents of the month-long campaign recommend that women perform routine breast self-exams and schedule appointments for annual mammograms. Companies, clinics, and radiologists are encouraged to provide discounted or free screenings in the month of October.

Breast Cancer Donations

Breast cancer research charities aims to revise forms of treatment, discover effective methods of prevention, and ultimately find a cure. Although awareness is essential, these organizations priorities conducting lifesaving research and finding medical breakthroughs. 

Some charities may accept clothing and products to give to both men and women battling this disease. Additionally, charities will accept monetary donations, volunteered time, and car donations. You may be thinking, "how does a car support breast cancer research?". The answer is quite simple actually. Car donations companies like Cars2Charities transform unwanted vehicle into funds for the charity of the donor;s choice. When donors donate their vehicle towards breast cancer research and awareness, they are funding both prevention and a cure for breast cancer.

Non-profits bring people together with the purpose of raising funds to offset these costs, and by making a car donation to breast cancer you can support their efforts. You can find many choices through Cars2Charities, which receives breast cancer car donations to any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

One of the top Southern California charities, Breast Cancer Solutions, has an A-plus rating on Charity Watch. The non-profit assists patients with medical expenses, transportation and more.

One of the largest sources of breast cancer funding is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. More than one million individuals participate in the annual walks, and the organization supports 370,000 advocates fighting for research funding and access to care.

A car donation to breast cancer can be directed to support the charity Michelle’s Place, which is a resource center for women diagnosed with the disease. Staff members provide a listening ear and increase the comfort of patients while offering the latest treatment options, coping strategies, and clinical developments. 

bc3In addition to a car donation to breast cancer, the value of a recreational vehicle donation can be a boon to the cause. When you donate a boat to breast cancer charities, your generosity goes to chip away at the 40,000 annual deaths from breast cancer.

Roughly one in 36 individuals in America owns a motorcycle. States with a lot of natural terrains, such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Dakota – have the most motorcycles per capita, according to financial services company The Motley Fool. Bikers and their friends can make a huge contribution to the cause when they upgrade their machines.

motorcycle donation to breast cancer is perfectly acceptable, just like a golf cart donation for cancer research. A minivan, SUV, convertible or any other car donation to breast cancer is a means to make the most of a task on your plate – the need to get rid of your old car.

Any other vehicle you don't need can become the means of additional research into treatment for the disease, as well as hope for patients. Those in farming communities such as the Midwest, Central California or other rural areas can donate a tractor for a breast cancer non-profit.

A car donation for breast cancer charities can benefit those with the disease in a variety of ways:

• Housing near hospitals
• Babysitting
• Covering medical costs
• Providing food
• Education
• Counsel
• Art expression

There are many levels of suffering for victims of breast cancer. Some women have an excellent prognosis following a lumpectomy. Others go through multiple surgeries and battle symptoms for years afterward.

It’s in part through the support of car donations to breast cancer charities that donors can make their mark.

Patients with metastatic breast cancer face less-than-ideal odds. Their five-year survival rate is only about 20 percent, according to the Breast Cancer Consortium. The average prognosis is two to four years.

When you donate a car to charity, you get to address the silent suffering that breast cancer patients endure. The group MetUp funds clinical trials to increase research for individuals who develop metastatic disease. They hold events called "Die-ins," where they bring issues of funding to the Capitol steps. Lying down on the lawn is a way to remind government leaders of the 114 individuals who die every day from metastatic breast cancer.


For the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the goal is a 50% reduction in breast cancer deaths by 2026. It’s possible with continued combined efforts by those who are devoted to the cause to raise the needed funds for research.

A car donation for breast cancer pours more money into non-profits that can take them there.