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Why should I donate my car in Pasadena instead of selling it?

Do you feel like everybody’s rolling up in a new car lately? Perhaps your car has seen better days or perhaps you just want better speakers or navigation system. Some of the dealerships’ 0% loans and lease options are amazing right now, so maybe you’re thinking it’s time to upgrade.

Now that you’ve taken the plunge, your old car only takes up space in your garage. Don’t deal with the headache of selling it! Instead, how about a car donation in Pasadena? It’s a way you can benefit charity and get the tax write-off you need to justify your new car shopping!parade 725961 640

A car donation doesn’t just help a charity needing support! It’s terrific for your taxes and it’s great for someone in need of a modest set of wheels.

Are you ready to retire your “mom car” for something smaller and more gas efficient? Have you been looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint? Here’s your chance!

Maybe your car is in the shop too often or you just want something sportier/larger/shinier. Whatever the reason – you still have to find a new home for the vehicle you no longer need. We can help!

If you donate your car in Pasadena, California, you receive a tax deduction for the full sale price of the vehicle.

Are you used to doing a dealer trade-in or visiting CarMax? You lose a lot of the value that way, because you typically only get 30-40% of your vehicle’s value. Instead, donate your car and support a local charity!

It’s a great feeling when you donate a car to charity in Pasadena. Any 501(c)(3) you choose can reap the benefit of your generosity. Are you on a Rose Float Association? Or are you active in the Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center or the Pasadena Humane Society? Let us know who you want to benefit or we can give you a suggestion.

How can I donate a car in Pasadena, California?

Just give us a call at 888-250-4490 or donate through our website.

Once you contact us, here at Riteway Charity Services, we take it from there. Next day pick up is available – we come to where your vehicle is, wherever you choose. Then our technicians assess your auto donation and make necessary upgrades or repairs in order to maximize the vehicle’s value. That means your charity gets a greater benefit. Believe it or not, that’s how fast you can donate an automobile.ThinkstockPhotos 200299945 001

You probably know about government rebate and car charity programs where you sometimes have to drag your car to the donation site. That’s not so with us. We come to where you are and then find a buyer for your car and complete the process, including DMV paperwork. It’s completely free and it’s seriously no hassle for you.

Your charity car donation in Pasadena, California is totally transparent as well. We communicate with both you and the non-profit, submitting a confirmation letter outlining our steps, along with a temporary donation receipt.

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Pasadena, California?

It’s important to know that you’re getting the maximum tax benefit when donating a car in Pasadena. Your CPA will bow down to you with paperwork confirming your generous donation to charity. We’ve seen that a donation car’s value usually goes up about 25-50% as a result of the improvements that we make. The non-profit reimburses us for the towing and a standard service fee, and then they get proceeds from the sale.17

If you prefer to use Turbo Tax, you can see they can guide you through the process.

You can also check into various non-profits on Charity Navigator. Their website talks about why donating cars to charity is a safe bet for saving on your taxes. 

A report by the United States General Accounting Office to the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Finance estimated that tax deductions for donated vehicles were claimed on around 733,000 tax returns, which lowered taxpayers’ income tax liability by approximately $654 million. 

Everything required by the IRS for an individual who chooses to donate a vehicle for a tax deduction in California is modus operandi with us. After the sale, we report the final price to you and your charity. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total. 

Do car donations in Pasadena include RVs? What about a golf cart donation? A boat donation?

Yes, you can make an RV donation in Pasadena. Plus, we can help you with many other vehicle donations. Are you cleaning out a storage unit? You may find you have watercraft that you no longer need.

If you haven’t been out on the lake in awhile, you may want to make a boat donation in Pasadena. We can even pick up a Sea Doo or jet-ski.

Everyone knows you can donate a car but you may not know we take all kinds of vehicles, such as a truck or SUV donation in Pasadena. If you have a camper or trailer that you rarely use, or you want to donate a motorcycle in Pasadena, we can take all of those. Or if you have quads/ATVS, those are great, too.

Has it been too long since you’ve been to Oakmont Country Club or have hit the links in the desert? If you’ve got an old cart you aren’t using, you can donate a golf cart in Pasadena, California, even if it doesn’t run!golf carts 1673157 640

Arguably, we are the most established, longest-running vehicle donation program in Southern California and are prepared for your call when you’re ready.

It’ll be nice to get into a nice, new car and head to tea at The Huntington. It’s a great feeling to help an individual in need and your tax situation at the same time. A vehicle donation in Pasadena will do that for you.

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