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Best Car Donation in Pomona, California

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Why Should I donate my car in Pomona?

We make it so easy for you to do it right here and now - even if you donate a vehicle in Pomona that doesn't run!

You may be tired of dropping your car or truck off at the mechanic. Or maybe you've had it a long time and you just need something newer. Call Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 and we'll come and tow it away for you - totally FREE (Your charity reimburses us for the towing, improvements, and handling).Cars2Charities Tow Truck

Even if your car isn't headed for Boot Hill, maybe you have vehicles lying around, taking up space in your yard, your garage or your driveway, and it's time to clean up. Even if you can't find the title, or your registration has lapsed - we're on it. We take care of the whole thing.

After a quick, 3-5 minute phone call to us, your vehicle donation in Pomona is in process. We leave you with lots of clear new space, and room for something new. Experience the life-changing magic of tidying up! No more vehicles you don't use (or that don't run) sitting on your property. It's fast, easy and free. Plus, we maximize your car donation tax deduction in Pomona. 

How can I donate a car in Pomona?

Has your Dodge Ram, Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado (just to name a few of our most commonly donated trucks) bitten the dust? You may think that a trade-in or CarMax is the best idea, but we have a better one. 

Did you know that dealers typically pay you only 30%-40% of the vehicle's retail value? They profit when they resell it. At Cars2Charities, we invest our own funds to make appropriate repairs to your vehicle, to sell it for its maximum value to a buyer who will really appreciate its remaining life. You get to deduct the full, higher sale price. That's a greater car donation tax deduction for you, and more money for whichever nonprofit organization you choose.ThinkstockPhotos 200299945 001

Not your first rodeo? If you've had a car go out to pasture in the past, but you didn't know that you have lots of options for a car or truck donation in Pomona, we're here to show you. When you call (855) 520-2100, we can send an expert tow truck driver within 24-48 hours to free you up. We'll come take your charity car donation in Pomona off your hands, improve it, and market it for the best price to a retail buyer who will appreciate it -- and be willing to pay what it's really worth. This way, your favorite charity gets the best results.

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Can I donate an RV in Pomona? A motorcycle or golf cart donation?

Yes! We make it easy to donate a recreational vehicle in Pomona. If you aren't using your camper as
 much as you did in the beginning, we can take it, make improvements, and find someone who's sure to love it.

And did you know you can also make a motorcycle donation in Pomona as easily as you can donate a car in Pomona? We can handle your recreational vehicle donation in Pomona of any kind. If you've got “toys" that are just taking up space - in working condition or not - through Cars2Charities they can all get new lives.motorcycle 933022 640

Charities reimburse us for the cost of towing, out-of-pocket-expenses, and a standard sales fee for processing the entire transaction on their behalf, and yours. We handle ALL the paperwork. 

You live in a community with a touch of country, even teaching Cal Poly students how to farm and ranch, but it doesn't mean you want a broken down vehicle in the yard or your garage. So, we come and tow it away when it's convenient for you, and meet you at whatever location you choose. 

If your Harley is hardly working, or your Suzuki is sitting in the shed, let it offer you a tax deduction by donating a car to charity in Pomona. We can also pick up a boat donation in Pomona, or any other recreational vehicle donation in Pomona. You might be surprised to find that many owners donate a golf cart in Pomona when the batteries have died, since it's often more cost effective to buy a new one than to fix the batteries or electrical problems.

What's the best charity for car donations in Pomona?

If you want some ideas of some nonprofits that could benefit from your charity car donation in Pomona, we've got them.

Is there a medical condition that you have personal experience with? You could donate to breast cancer in Pomona through a car donation to Breast Cancer Solutions

Or make a donation to American Cancer Fund in Pomona to address other cancers as well. You may donate a car to the Arthritis National Research Foundation in Pomona if heart disease is an issue you care about. If you have an interest in benefiting diseases related to dementia, you may want to donate a car to the Alzheimer's Association in Pomona. And a car donation to Ronald McDonald House in Pomona is a way to bring happiness to a terminally ill patient. 

Many donors want to benefit a house of worship or direct the proceeds to a religious organization, such as a car donation to Catholic Charities in Pomona.

If you're a National Public Radio listener, you may want to donate a car to NPR in Pomona. 

Some donors prefer the work of other nonprofits you've heard about. A vehicle donation to the Salvation Army in Pomona helps to rebuild lives with its programs right in your local neighborhood -- or perhaps you can donate a car to Goodwill in Pomona, which invests in the training and vocational education of members of the local community. doctor 899037 640

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Pomona?

By choosing the only car donation program in Pomona that invests in improvements to your car in order to bring up the sale price. After one of our expert tow-truck drivers picks up your vehicle, we make appropriate repairs, usually adding 25% to 50% value, and often more. So, a vehicle worth $2,000 “as is" (if auctioned, which is what other charity car donation program in Pomona do), is more likely to yield a tax deduction of $2,500 to $3,000 or more with Cars2Charities.

The IRS guidelines for a vehicle tax deduction allow you to deduct the FULL sale price of the vehicle. So, would you rather work with a vehicle donation program that sells donated vehicles in Pomona “as is," or Cars2Charities, where we add to the car's value?! We provide you and your non-profit with IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle. We are completely transparent about what your donated car, truck, recreational vehicle (RV), golf cart, boat, or motorcycle actually sold for.  

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