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How do I donate a car in Rancho Palos Verdes?

hammock donating is easyIf you have been considering donating an old truck, car, boat, RV or motorcycle to charity, there has never been a better time to do so.  Cars2Charities can take your used car donation in Rancho Palos Verdes and put it to use at your favorite organization or charity, bringing you joy as you help others by donating to a cause in which you believe.

Our program is unique in that we do not tell you where your money will be used — you tell us!  We have a list of local charities if you want to make a general gift, or you can ask about using your donation to benefit any local or national non-profit organization you like.  We will work with you to be sure your money is spent as you intended, even if your chosen group is as simple as a church or school organization.

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 If you want to make a car or vehicle donation, the process is very simple.  Instead of listing your personal information in a public advertisement, which can invite unwanted attention, just call Cars2Charities!  You will find easy instructions on how to begin the process to donate your vehicle.  

Your information will always be kept confidential, and we promise prompt, fast service when you contact us. Within a few days of your initial contact, we will be by to pick up your used vehicle.Cars2Charities Tow Truck

Even if the vehicle is not running, we can make use of it.  We will arrange for towing and give you a receipt you can use to claim your donation on your income tax as a deduction.  In fact, you may find that by donating your car and using the tax deduction, you save more money than you would have made if you sold the car, especially when you factor in your time, effort, and the taxes and fees associated with a car sale. Your money can go where you want it to go.  We will work with you to find the perfect recipient for your gift — an organization that reflects your personal beliefs and principles.  You are free to research any of the organizations listed on our website before you make your choice or simply name your own favorite.  We can work with almost any non-profit group in the country to be sure your money goes to the causes you support. Take time today to contact Cars2Charities about donating your old and used vehicles!  

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