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Car Donation in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If commuting into the metropolitan Twin Cities is becoming a challenge for your wheels, you can make a car donation in Minneapolis. There comes a time when you have to replace what you’re driving, and a vehicle donation enables you to benefit your favorite charity while also gaining a tax credit.

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Why should I donate my car in Minneapolis?

If you’re close to retirement and don’t need the space you did when you were the carpool queen, you may be spending your free time on AutoTrader or perusing Luther Auto and other lots. There’s more to look forward to than just a new car when you decide to make a car, truck or SUV donation in Minneapolis through Cars2Charities.L7dBcEGw

Is your usual M.O. to just do a dealer trade-in? A lot of people do. But there are some definite downsides. Dealers only give you 30-40% of your car’s value. But the tax write-off you get from a vehicle donation in Minneapolis is for 100% of the sale price of the car. So, it’s a way to make your CPA happy.

If you’d like to see the opinions of CPAs in Orange County who weigh in on the value of car donations, click here

Are you active in your church or want to benefit the ELCA synod? Or maybe you work with kids through PTA. You can literally choose your number one nonprofit to receive proceeds from your car donations in Minneapolis.

Were you looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint? If it’s time to kick your Land Cruiser to the curb and buy an electric vehicle or a hybrid, it creates an opportunity for you.

Are you an animal lover? You can direct proceeds from the sale of your auto donation to the Humane Society or another rescue group. 

How do I donate a car to charity in Minneapolis?

Whether the car you no longer need is in your driveway or at the Golden Gophers TCF Bank Stadium – we come to pick it up as quickly as possible. All it takes is a call to us at 855-520-2100 or you can donate online. We arrange to tow away your car at a time and location that’s easy for you.

If you’ve talked to people who have done auto donations with a lot of red tape, it’s definitely not through Cars2Charities. You don’t have to drop off your donation vehicle or fill out drafts of paperwork. We handle all of that – even the title transfer!

And another thing—our experts maximize your donation by assessing your car and making necessary alterations. We then sell it and send a check to your favorite charity, while you get the tax deduction.

Do you live in a loft in the Mill District? Then you’re a part of the rich history of Minneapolis, including the early flour mills for corporate giants General Mills and Pillsbury. But if you’re racking up more and more miles driving on congested aL5z9UYAfreeways, like the I-35 and the I-94, you probably worry about a breakdown. And you definitely need reliable transportation if you’re going out to First Avenue or the Target Center at night for entertainment. 

What’s the best car donation tax deduction in Minneapolis?

Do you watch your bottom line like a hawk? If so, you need to know the advantages to a Minneapolis car donation program.

Of course, there’s the good will of charity contributions. If you’re a supporter of the Mayo Clinic Foundation, for instance, you’ll be pumping support into their gX4nbEIwprograms.

But there are financial advantages for you. The good thing about a charity car donation in Minneapolis is that you can write off the entire sale price of your vehicle. There’s no calculating wear and tear or depreciation. It’s very simple. And with Cars2Charities you get that added bonus we talked about. Our research has shown that cars with necessary alterations tend to sell for 25-50% more. That’s a bigger tax break for you and more money for a nonprofit’s good work.

If following proper procedures is important to you, we have more good news. Our professionals put 30 years of experience to work and we follow IRS guidelines carefully. After handling all the paperwork—even the DMV forms—we send you and the charity IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, indicating the final sale price of your car. 

Can I donate a boat in Minneapolis? A golf cart or RV?

Of course you can! We pick up campers, trailers and ATVs—almost every vehicle imaginable. If you’ve had an Airstream forever and a day, let us know. An RV donation in Minneapolis can add up to helping the needy, while offering you the tax benefit you deserve.

Do you never miss the Minneapolis Motorcycle Show at the Convention Center? It’s a great time to pull out your bike in the summer. If you’re upgrading your ride, you can donate a motorcycle in Minneapolis.

Are you getting your boat to the Mississippi River very often? Or is it sitting in your driveway getting old? You can make a boat donation in Minneapolis through Cars2Charities and let it do some good. We also pick up jet skis and Sea Doos you no longer fJm6ObEwneed. 

Do you have a lot of “toys” in your storage unit at Acorn in the Northeast? If you want to clean it out and save some money, you can donate a golf cart in Minneapolis, or any other vehicles you have locked up in there. 

Everyone’s using the KonMari method these days and “tidying up” their properties. When you want to send your vehicle down the pike, give us a call at Cars2Charities. You can donate a car in Minneapolis and share the love with a non-profit!

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