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Car Donation in Jacksonville, Florida

jack1You remember the effects of Hurricane Matthew – how friends or relatives along the coastline took a beating. What if a car donation in Jacksonville could significantly help victims of disasters like these? 

Maybe you’ve raised your kids and you’re ready to downsize. Out with the Escalade and in with the Audi A3. A car or truck donation in Jacksonville is an extremely easy way to find a new home for the car you don’t need.

Not only that, but you get to choose a non-profit – any non-profit – to receive financial support. And to top it off, you get a tax benefit!

Though there are many ways to find a new home for your car, you can shift the responsibility to a car donation company and collect the tax benefit.

How do I donate my car in Jacksonville?

Are you the executor of someone’s will? You can get the estate a tax write-off and gain some ground in liquidating its assets. A car charity donation in Jacksonville is a way to honor the deceased by donating proceeds in his or her name.

Are you moving? A vehicle donation in Jacksonville is a perfect way to re-home a car, plus it’ll make moving a lot less stressful when you scratch it off your to-do list.

Just follow these easy instructions: Make a phone call to us at Cars2Charities – 855-520-2100 – or make an online donation, to schedule a time for us to pick up your auto donation. We come whenever and wherever is convenient for you. Did you leave it with the auto mechanic? No problem!

There’s an article in U.S. News & World Report suggesting that at times, it’s smarter to replace your car than to continue repairing it.

And when it comes to the actual work of selling the car – don’t worry! We prepare your vehicle for sale and do everything possible to get the most possible for it, since your write-off is based on the dollar amount of the sale.

Where can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Jacksonville?

Whether you’re a DIY Turbo Tax user or you take your cue from Paragon Wealth Management, you want to be smart where your finances are concerned.

And if donating a car to charity in Jacksonville is an ice cream sundae (metaphorically speaking), when you choose to work with Cars2Charities you get the cherry on top: a maximized tax write-up due to our unique process.jack4

You want to leave more to your children than good memories. And not only that ... we pick up your donation vehicle and take on the full weight of responsibility for finding a buyer for it, so you can make even more memories with the kids and grandkids.

And our process is an added bonus: Our technicians assess donation vehicles for necessary changes. Our research shows that donation cars receiving alterations typically sell for 25-50% more than those without the changes.

We’ve got news for you about a decision you may have made in the past, but is definitely not beneficial to you. Researchers at USC did a study of dealerships and found that when a salesperson finds out you have a trade-in vehicle, they just hike the price of your new car. 

And rest assured, we follow all the guidelines dictated by the IRS when you donate a vehicle to charity in Jacksonville. After the sale, we report the price to you and the charity, so the transaction is transparent. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

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Can I donate a golf cart in Jacksonville? An RV or a boat?

jack2Do you take the boat to Aliminicani for jet skiing? Or is it really not something you do anymore? A boat donation in Jacksonville through Cars2Charities can help you clean out your garage – one vehicle at a time – while getting you a tax deduction.

Have you been on the new golf cart paths in Nocatee? (Or have you driven them on Jacksonville streets?) If you’re driving your E-Z-Go more than ever, but now you’re thinking you’d like a Sunbrella, make a golf cart donation in Jacksonville through Cars2Charities.

Are your grandkids getting you on a motorcycle? If you learned to ride at Seminole Harley or you find yourself heading down to Sanford for the Hog Member Lunch Rides, you may be putting a lot of miles on your bike. When you look for a replacement bike, make a motorcycle donation in Jacksonville to benefit a cause you feel passionate about, from veterans to kids with cancer.

What’s the best choice of a car charity donation in Jacksonville?

If you belong to a club, or if you support any non-profits in Jacksonville, you might not have thought about how you can further contribute with a vehicle you no longer need.

Is there something you’re passionate about? Kids? The elderly? The great thing about car donations in Jacksonville through Cars2Charities is the fact that you can decide which non-profit gets the proceeds. Some car donation companies are hosted by a particular 501(c)(3), so the value of your vehicle has to benefit that one organization.

Are you in the Duval County PTA? Or have you, or someone you love, battled cancer or another disease? You can donate a car to the Parkinson’s Foundation, for instance by simply letting us know that’s what you want to do.

Do you have a church, temple or mosque you’d like to support? Or you can send proceeds from your car donation to Catholic Charities if you choose.

You’re the type of person who looks for opportunities to meet the needs of others. When you donate ajack3 car in Jacksonville through Cars2Charities, that’s exactly what you’re doing. And what’s hard to believe is how easy it is, and with such a nice payoff to all involved.

Let us do the work of re-homing your car so you can get away from it all, while benefiting your bottom line with a tax break.

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