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san jose state university 106865 640Want to donate your car in San Jose? Not only is our car donation program fast, free and easy, but we actually add value to your car — generally between 25-50% better! That's because we don't just send your car to auction like Kars2kids, Wheelsforwishes or many other car donation programs in San Jose. At Cars2Charities, our in-house car techs put some love into your car donation. When we improve your car, we sell it for more. The results? Your charity gets a higher donation and YOU get a GREAT tax deduction when you donate a car, golf cart, or motorcycle in San Jose. 

Why Donate a Car in San Jose?

You don't want the job of selling your car. Yes, selling your car can be a job: figuring out what you need to repair, getting the car detailed, listing your car and then scheduling test drives will take up a considerable amount of time. When you donate your car in San Jose, we take care of all the details! So, if you can't be bothered tracking down the car title from your Aunt Audrey or you're not sure where to begin fixing your car up for sale, call 855-520-2100, and we'll take care of it for you.

It's time to clean up your driveway or clear out your garage. Ready to get yourself organized, streamline your life and make room for changes? Maybe that involves getting your driveway or garage back? Do you remember the last time you used that motor boat in your driveway? Do you really want to hang on to that motorcycle in your garage? Donate a vehicle in San Jose to start the process of clearing out the clutter! We tow your car, truck or golf cart off your property for FREE as soon as you are ready to say “good bye, old. Hello new."san jose 2110061 640

You're looking for the best tax deduction. Adding value to your vehicle, whether they need to run better or look better, is part of what makes us unique. While other our car donation programs in San Jose send your car to auction “as-is," we take the time to improve the value before we sell it — eliminating the middleman. We typically add 25-50% value to our donated cars which sell for more money. What does this mean for you? When you donate a car in San Jose through us, you get to deduct the final sale price off the car. Charities get more money from the sale, and you get a better tax deduction!

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How Do I Donate a Car in San Jose?

Call 855-520-2100 to Schedule a Pickup. It has never been easier to donate a car in San Jose. You can get the process started with a single phone call and In LESS time than it takes to find a parking spot, one of our car donation experts can get you started. Our car experts ask a few quick questions and you can let us know of your donation wishes (if you have a charity already picked out.) Then, when it is most convenient for YOU, we schedule a time to tow your car for FREE (The charity you choose reimburses Cars2Charities for towing, improvements, and handling).

Choose a Charity. Choosing a charity has never been easier when you donate a car in San Jose!car 3257146 640

Of course, it's simple to choose a charity if you already have a cause that is personally meaningful to you. If you're an animal lover, you may feel good about supporting animal rescue. Donate your RV, camper, or trailer in San Jose and help organizations like Habitat for Humanity build homes for people who need one. Donate a golf cart, car, or boat in San Jose to help the Ronald McDonald House. If someone close to you is suffering from a life-threatening illness, you may consider giving to charities like the American Cancer Fund or the Alzheimer's Association.

If you prefer not to make the charity choice, no problem!

We are happy to choose a great non-profit for you just as we do for 1 in every 4 donors! Just ask us to choose and we will gladly direct your donation to whichever charity partner we feel needs it most right now.

Sit Back and Score the BEST Tax Deduction. After our in-house car techs work their magic to fix your donated car up, we sell it at a higher value. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the IRS Form 1098-C which will be sent within 30 days after your car sells. In compliance with the IRS guidelines, you can deduct the FULL SALE PRICE of the vehicle. We like to keep things very transparent between everyone, so both you and the charity get a copy of the same documents.

Why is Cars2Charities the Best Choice for Car Donation in San Jose?

With over 35 years in the automotive industry, we use our experience and skills to actually improve and “up-cycle" your car, making sure you get the most cash for your charity and highest tax deduction possible. Our car donation program in San Jose is different from others who just send their donated cars to auction “as-is." Sure, other car donation programs in San Jose claim to be “fast and easy" but how many of them are fast and easy PLUS get you the BEST sales price for your donation?american 1239040 640

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If you have an unused vehicle, why not consider our car donation program in San Jose? We accept almost any kind of vehicle. Donate a car, van, boat, golf cart or motorcycle in San Jose and experience one of the most rewarding ways to give to your favorite cause!

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