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Harsh winters can take a toll on our cars and after years on salty roads one day we wake up to find our vehicles are ready to be upgraded. But what to do with your old car? When you donate a car in Little Rock you turn a hassle into an great opportunity. Donating a car in Little Rock is you chance to support a charity you care about while finding a new family for the vehicle you're getting rid of. And best of all – you get to take advantage of the tax deduction!



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Why should I donate my car in Little Rock instead of selling it?

Have you ever sold a car in this new market? It can be a duanting task. Firstlym you have to clean it, next you to take picutres of it, and the best way to optimize sales is to take moany photos from different angles. Who has time for that? The worst part is having to figue out where post it – Craigslist? Auto Trader? Not to mention having to deal with meeting random interested buyers.

But with a vehicle donation in Little Rock you’re saved the difficulty of dealing those elements, plus you get a tax write-off and you get support a charity. It’s a mutually benefitial decision.

Are you involved with an amazing nonprofit organization? Maybe you are an active member of PTA or your child is growing up in Scouts. Any 501(c) (3) can benefit from an auto donation in Little Rock and you can too.Child with Painted Hands

We wsupport many nonprofits and one may resonate with you and your values. Check out our “Causes” page you can see a list that includes medical research, animal rescue, senior facilities, an humnitarian organizations, etc.  Or maybe you're looking to introduce us to your favorite nonprofit – we form new charity affiliations eveyday!

Maybe instead of car donation in Little Rock you've been toying with the idea of a dealer trade-in.  We urge you to be cautious of this option because you might loose out on a lot of your car's value. Typically, the new car buyer is only getting about 30-50% of your old vehicle’s value toward your new purchase. But a charity car donation in Little Rock gives you a tax deduction worth 100% of your car's value.

When you donate a car to charity, it requires very little from you besides a phone call and a 10 minute meeting with the driver. Then you reap the benefits by getting a tax break and the good feeling that you’re helping others.

How do you donate your car in Little Rock, Arkansas?

Donating a car in Little Rock through Cars2Charities is simple. Just call 855-520-2100 or go online to donate, then, when you speak with one of our friendly associates, your donation will be scheduled for a pick up appointment.

Easy right?

We do the majority share of the work – with a charity car donation in Little Rock, getting your car ready for sale, selling it, and completing the paperwork for you – even the DMV title transfer- is our job. You don't have to life a finger.

Are you on the fence about going through with a new car purchase? You may you've seen Matthew McConaughey car commercial or you're excited about some of the latest features, like collision prevention and automatic parking. It couldn't hurt help to have your clients see you pull up in a newer more classic car. 

Perhaps you don't actually need a new car.. Maybe you are running out of room in your driveway? Make it count with a car, truck or SUV donation in Little Rock through Cars2Charities. And make some space in your front yard.

You probably see commercials and documentaries about how to reduce your carbon foot print. Of course, now there are many options – nearly every car manufacturer offers electric cars and hybrid models.

Taking care of our Earth isn’t the only reason to donate a car in Little Rock, giving your donation to charity makes it worth it.

Are you an animal lover wanting to raise money for animals in need? Your local Humane Society would be grateful for your donation.

If you’d rather help single mothers you can designate proceeds to a number of organizations that can help these struggling families,

Or you could show support to our military men and women. Cars2Charities has worked with many veterans organizations.

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Little Rock, AR?

When you have your appointment with your CPA year after year, do you struggle to find tax write-offs and deductions? The great thing about a car or truck donation in Little Rock is that you can take advantage of it whenever you’re ready. No more waiting until December to get that final tax deduction for you car donation. Contact us at Cars2Charities and we’ll take care of it for you any time. We are open 7 days a wekk.

There are plenty of people who could want to purchase a donated vehicle to get to work – so you’re helping them and their families! You’re a generous person who likes helping people in need, and your auto donation in Little Rock is just the ticket!

There is nothing like making your life a little less hectic. Can you imagine how nice a car donaiton would be for you? It would be incredible not to have to make those montjly trips to the mechanic, and better for your wallet too. 

The advantage to working with our Cars2Charities' team is our unique process, which tends to increase your vehicle’s value. If your car sells for more, that means your tax deduction is more. When we pick up your vehicle donation in Little Rock, our mechanics take a detailed look at your car and we determine how to add value. But even if we can't make repairs, we have other ways to make your donaiton a better candidate for sale. 

Don't worry about the paperwork, we adhere to IRS regulations to perfection and when donating a car we make sure you recieve multiple notices about your donation's status throughoutt the process.

If you still don’t know who should receive proceeds from your car donation, take a look at Charity Navigator. Their website gives you details about donating cars to charity. 

Do car donations in Little Rock include RVs? What about a boat donation in Little Rock?car donation

Are you trying to decrease your monthly expenses by getting ride of your storage unit? “Toys”  like an RV, boat or ATVs can definitely get expensive, espeially if you are no longer enjoying them each weekend like you used to. With your kids growing up, involved in activites, and you trying to work, volunteer, and maintain an organized life – making an RV donation in Little Rock could be the answer you are looking for. Whatever vehicle you want to clear out, your quads, ATV, side by side donation and jet skis can usually be picked up within 24-48 hours.

You can donate a boat in Little Rock through Cars2Charities. We understand that maintaining a boat can be expensive and also takes a lot of work.  Maybe you've decided you just don't have the time or money to head fishing at Rock Creek or Boyle Park Pond or dropping your line in the lake anymore.

If your garage has a classic Harley in it, you can donate that old motorcycle as well. Give us a call to donate a motorcycle in Little Rock.

If you live in an adult community, where everyone trevels around in an EZ Go or Club Car, you may be in need of an upgrade. If so, reach out to us to donate a golf cart in Little Rock.

Whatever vehicle you have and are ready to release from your possession and driveway, just reach out when you’re ready to make a car donation in Little Rock. We’re here to help you clean out your storage and help a charity, and your pocket book, along the way!

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