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WHY donate your car in Sacramento, instead of selling it?

Got an RV, motorcycle, golf cart, or car that's just taking up garage space … or going down-hill in your yard? Has your mechanic just quoted a dizzying price to fix your vehicle? Looking to upgrade to a larger car, or maybe a more fuel efficient model?Is someone close to you bugging you to do something about the old car? Yet selling can be such a hassle. Need a better option? Donating your car in the Sacramento area might be a great way to go.

If you're looking for a fast, easy way solution - and a chance to do something GOOD - vehicle donation in Sacramento can provide tax value for you, while paving the way to be a blessing to others. antique architecture attractions 264501

You know that selling your car can be a time-consuming prospect. Not only will you deal will calls, emails, and appointments - but with buyers who may stand you up, not be serious, not be qualified, and then want to haggle. You'll need to get your car in shape to get the best price, visit the DMV, and deal with the paper work. 

If you're busy -- already juggling multiple issues related to work and family, perhaps even trying to help a parent who may be in transition -- or you'd simply love to help a cause dear to your heart, donating the used car could save you both time and effort, while providing the same financial value.

That's because you can claim a tax deduction on the actual full sale price of the vehicle you donate, while avoiding the work related to preparing the car for sale or dealing with potential buyers. By donating a car in Sacramento you'll be in a win-win situation -- as you can save on taxes even as you help your favorite charity.

HOW can I donate my car in Sacramento?

To donate a car in Sacramento, simply call 855-520-2100 or clicking the “Get Started" button above.  Just tell us a few facts on the quick, simple form. It takes just 3-5 minutes.We'll work with you to arrange for a convenient pick-up time and location, by an expert tow-truck driver -- usually within 24-72 hours, depending on your needs.  

backlit countryside dawn 1184556When we receive your vehicle, we'll assess its “as is" value, and what could turn it into a great value for someone else.  Next, we roll up our sleeves to improve how your vehicle looks and runs, fixing any key issues that stand in the way of getting the very best price. Then, we market the vehicle, on behalf of the charity you choose, to our network of interested retail buyers. We take 30-45 detailed photos, and write a snappy description that speaks to those interested in just the type of vehicle you donate.

When your vehicle sells, you'll receive a thank you letter, along with an IRS Form 1098-C tax deduction which is issued within 30 days of sale. The money from the sale of the vehicle will be quickly transmitted to the charity you have picked, along with a copy of the same Form 1098-C - ensuring complete transparency.

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What are the BEST car donation charities in Sacramento?

The best charity is always one you already know or have a passion for. You get to pick ANY charity you want. Maybe something related to children, animal rescue, or searching for a cure. Perhaps you'd like to donate a car to a charity in Sacramento that supports troops, serves veterans, or provides food and housing.

Many donors like to support public radio, help cancer patients, or support the search for a cure. Maybe you prefer to keep the benefits of your RV, camper, truck or golf cart donation closer to home.

You can also choose a local charity such as Goodwill or Salvation Army, a school, booster club, PTA or your place of worship - even if that local organization has never before received a car donation.achievement adult business 1243524

If you aren't sure which charity should benefit from your car donation in Sacramento, you can also simply ask us to pick a charity on your behalf. About 1 in 4 donors ask us to pick for them. We make it as simple as you like!


If the offer you're getting for the car is insultingly low, or you're simply in a hurry to complete the process of passing on the vehicle, consider donating it. The IRS rules regarding a tax deduction for car donations to charities make it clear that you can claim a tax deduction for the full amount the car is sold for.

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Sacramento?

The simple answer is, donate through Cars2Charities. IRS regulations make it clear that the more the car is sold for, the greater the tax deduction. To get the BEST car donation tax deduction, look for a vehicle donation program that will maximize the sale price of your donated car. Cars2Charities is one of the few organizations that actually does this, in multiple ways. First, we will prepare your car by fixing those issues that we know will get you more money. For instance, we might replace the transmission, fix dents and scratches. If there's value, we'll find it for you. 

Piggy BankSecond, we actively market your car. We almost never send a car to auction. Why? Because that's where wholesalers will bid low, to maximize their profits when they sell the car on their own lot. Instead, we market refurbished vehicles directly to the retail end user. This brings you a higher selling price - which is what you get to deduct from your taxes.That's right:you get to deduct the higher value of the vehicle, including the dollars we invested in it on behalf of your charity! This is usually 25-50% more than the value of your vehicle donation when it first arrives.

Moreover, you avoid the cost for towing the vehicle or fixing it, minimizing your expenses regarding the car. The charity of your choice picks up the tab, as one way of saying “thank you". Even after reimbursing Cars2Charities for the cost of improvements, your charity appreciates your donation, since the sale price of the vehicle will be significantly higher than if it was auctioned in the condition it was in before. Car donations have never been easier in Sacramento!

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